Scotch eggs a treat from the traditional recipe book “A New System of Domestic Cookery”

What about the crispy chunks of the external layer of scotch eggs? The crispy outer surface and the inner filled with the minces of meat, delicious snacks for your evening. Yes, the names itself defines the main ingredient, the egg which is covered with the minces of meat and layered with the crispiness.
Crispy from outside and soft from inside! Now it cannot be denied at all that scotch egg is protein rich food. The egg and the filled minces is the total pack of protein and a small part of fat. This is one of the healthy form of snacks which is heavy enough to fill your stomach.
During the times of Mughals in India the scotch egg recipe was discovered, known as “Nargisi Kofta” but later the Fortnum and Mason claimed to invent though inspired from the Mughals. The recipe was first mentioned in the 1809 edition “A New System of Domestic Cookery”. The snacks can be prepared as savoury eggs for your parties, picnics or sort of outings.

So! Let us know about the preparation of the scotched eggs.
Ingredients required for the snacks are:
• 4 hard boiled eggs or as per your requirement
• Minced meat whatever you prefer it may be pork, chicken or lamb.
• Onion slices, garlic and salt
• Batten made of flour or you may use bread crumbs to make it more crispy.
• Heat oil in the pan as much you require, generally 3-4 tablespoons for one egg scotch. Fry the minces with onions, one fourth of garlic and salt as per your taste. Fry it properly till it turns brown. You may add spices such as turmeric, it is a healer acts as an antiseptic.
• Make balls and flatten it put one hard egg in the center and roll the minces over the egg.
• You may also bake it in the microwave within the temperature of 440 degree if you don’t like oil without any layer of batten.

And in case of frying in oil
• Put or roll the balls in the batten or roll over breadcrumbs dipping it once in raw egg taken in bowl beaten properly and again roll over the bread crumbs
• Fry it in the sunken oil unless it is brown in color.
Serve it hot in a plate with tomato sauce or mustard sauce.
Enjoy your cooked snacks which are healthy and rich in protein, that give a treat to your savour!

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